Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Let Them Play Together.

I am utterly convinced that men and women should play sports together. Sporting associations must eliminate the boundaries between the sexes and allow anyone who can compete to play. Currently, a 350 pound, 6-foot-tall woman could not play in the NFL. Why? Because she's a woman. But a 5-foot-tall 180 pound man could. I'm not saying the man doesn't deserve it. But the metric is not performance, and that's what it should be.

Yes, in many sports the performance will skew male, but why exclude? In sports where there's no reason for a performance deficit, women under-perform men. Skiing, snowboarding, auto racing, bowling, darts, you name it, men perform better and earn more money. Raise the women to the same competitive level and just watch as the performance figures rise.

I mention this because of Caster Semenya. The only reason any of this matters is because of the separation of the sexes. Eliminate them. I mention this because if women knew that other women were highly competitive, they might watch sports. As opposed to how it is now, where male sports garner attention from males.

Women In Sports: Sex Objects, Mothers, Or Too "Manly" To Count (Jezebel.com)
Caster Semenya was told lies while she had gender test (Mirror.co.uk)

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