Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Holy Year/Month/Week/Day/Hour

I was thinking about how bizarre an idea holy time is. Assumedly, whenever one does anything for holy purposes, it's to communicate with, or otherwise get closer to, God. But since this is about God and not about the human, and any serious believer must admit that an omnipotent God doesn't exist in time, but instead beyond it, there is no such thing as a "week" to an entity like that. In fact, a God like that wouldn't give two shakes about some particular time since all of existence is happening simultaneously for such a being.

As such, ALL time is holy to a supreme entity. Setting aside particular days or weeks, be it Holy Week, Ramadan, or whatever the hell Jewish people do, seems antithetical to the very concept of a supreme deity to which those religions supposedly subscribe. So why bother? If you must fast between sunrise and sunset (which compliments of modern cosmology, seems adorably quaint), why not do it all year? Every day is equally holy to such a god.

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