Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Fun With Tasers

You should fear nothing more than you fear the police.

I do not fear my neighbors. I don't fear criminals. I fear the police. A criminal points a gun at me, I can fight back. If a cop does the same thing, and I fight back, I go to jail. And for fuck's sake. Would you look at the caveman in the interview! Want to take bets on his IQ? Eighty? Seventy-five?


I just read about a similar incident, this one even stupider. Two cops were confronted by an agitated five pound chihuahua mix. They did the logical thing by, of course, tasering and shooting it three times.

I am all the more convinced of my belief that the cops are either as bad or worse than criminals.

I have bitten my tongue in the past on my postings as to not appear too extreme or kooky, but no longer. When cops are killed in the line of duty, good. Good people, bah! Serving and protecting, bah! I don't buy it.

Obviously, I can't make a strong generalization. There have to be good cops out there. I've seen videos of cops handling the most extreme shitheads in the world with cool, easy aplomb. But the risk that I'll encounter a near pre-verbal meathead with absolute power over me is too great. I hate cops as a general rule. I avoid them as an absolute rule.

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