Thursday, June 04, 2009

Freedom for China.

I was glad to read that over the past couple of years, more and more Western companies are getting tired of China. The "limitless" possibilities for growth is seriously tempered by the no-man's-land nature of the law, and the oppressive and still dictatorial government.

The government has used economic growth as a salve to quell popular uprising and fucked around with Western companies trying to do business in China. For example, Baidu is China's major search engine. How did it become that way? By using Google to search for anti-government pages and documents, then showed that to the government, illustrating how so much bad stuff is on Google. Google was promptly blocked.

They want to play that game? Fine. They can be the poor, dumb, manufacturer of our disposable crap for the rest of their pathetic lives. I urge any American company to withdraw as much as is feasible from Chinese operations. I also urge American's to buy not American, just specifically not from China.

What brought this on? This.

Alright, the video was taken down, but it showed plain-clothes detectives in complete sunshine, roaming around Tienanmen Square with umbrellas, blocking anyone with cameras. Subtle.

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