Thursday, June 25, 2009

Morals, Sex, and Politicrits

LiveScience has posted an article about the recent Sanford sex scandal, and they basically explain that politicians will do stupid crap like this because power and corruption go hand-in-hand. Gah!

It's not corruption! Having sex with another woman is not corrupt. Even if you campaigned as being against sex with women, it's not corrupt. Corruption in politics means that you did something for your own good to the detriment of those you are supposedly representing.

The only problem in the situation is that we have a populace that will be taken in on moral grandstanding, and vote for those who scream about it from the bully pulpit. Sex with those other than your wife is fine, as long as your wife doesn't mind. If your wife expects fidelity, and you boink someone else, you better be prepared for the consequences with her. Everyone else can just fuck off.

Still, I'm happy when I see people like this fall so spectacularly. Moral crusaders and those who campaign on family values are all full of shit. Luckily for us, we get to see that shit every now and then, and man is it entertaining. Especially when they're forced to discuss their behavior within the paradigm they had been espousing. For example, Sanford had to get up on TV and say that what he did was just plain wrong. Wrong? Define wrong. I say it wasn't wrong. I say it was merely stupid.

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