Saturday, January 26, 2008

Campaign 2008: Attack of the Minorities

Well I said in an earlier post that I suspected that sexism was more prevalent than racism, but even I am surprised at the degree that both ism's are in play in this election.

Clinton has been winning over women left and right, but men are voting for Obama. In the recently finished South Carolina polls, Obama got 80% of blacks and Clinton got 75% of whites, and pollsters were surprised that Obama got 25%! Surprised!? How did this happen? How did a man go from fierce competitions in states full of almost nothing but white people go to only 25% of whites? Is it just because it's the bloody South? How many white people voted for Clinton or Edwards just because they're white? How many blacks did the same? With numbers like 75% and 80%, and a correlation with race, this is no coincidence. It's disgusting.

That goes for blacks as well as whites. Blame all around. I can somewhat forgive women for voting for Hillary, she's first, and blacks voting for Obama, he's also first, but even then. Vote with your minds, not with your skin or sex.

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