Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Wonder If It Extends to Donkeys.

In a stunning display of utter stupidity, the House of Representatives has actually passed a bill making it illegal to slaughter horses. This is exactly the sort of mamby pamby nonsense we don't need. It not only fuels extremist groups such as Peta, it shows us for the hypocritical idiots that we are.

We may think consuming certain animals in this country is disgusting, or even wrong, but not everyone feels that way. Perceptions of animals that can and can't be eaten came from the evolution of a particular culture. Horses were at one time important for transport, agriculture, and overall health of the country. It is no surprise that there were laws in place to protect them.

This was a practical reason, not an ideological one. America's modern treatment of horses is ideological, now. This bill only cements that. We should not, and can not busy our already disorganized legal system with laws that only serve to cause problems and make self-important, overly-moralistic buffoons feel better about themselves and their own moral righteousness.

They are animals, we are animals. We eat other animals. That's just the way it is. As soon as we head towards law and regulation based on ideology, we step upon a slippery slope.

New US Bill Makes Killing Horses for Meat Illegal in US (Via Science.QJ.Net)

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