Monday, September 11, 2006

Are They Serious?!

Apparently, Ya Ya the panda had one of her cubs suffer SIDS. Namely, she rolled over on the cub and crushed it. While I genuinely feel bad about this, especially after reading that when she awoke to find that her cub had been taken during her rest she lay around listlessly, that's not what I found interesting in the article.

The mention almost in passing that the mother and father, Ling Ling, were shown a "mating video" before breeding. A mating video? So, that's like, pandas having sex.

We showed the pandas porn? We showed... *snicker*... the pandas... PORN?!

They say it so matter-of-factly in the article. The utter absurdity of having PANDAS watch a training video seemed to escape them, or they just didn't mention it.

Panda Accidentally Crushes Cub in China

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