Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cliche What?

In case anyone thinks that there isn't a horrible lack of creativity in the video game market, just go to Steam's website and look at the promoted games on the homepage. I did that and found this.

Man with gun.

Man with swords.

Men with guns.

Men with guns.

This one appears legitimately inventive. Good show. You'll notice that this is the only game with a mustache. Coincidence? I think not.

Man with gun and small sword versus zombie.

Man with sword.

Cars. Derivative, certainly, but not for the purposes of this comparison.

Man with gun.

Man with gun versus another man with a gun who is also holding breasts prisoner. He is obviously a terrorist because only terrorists hold breasts prisoner.

The only other legitimately inventive game. And again! A mustache! It's a sign. Also, breasts.

Epic ships in space flying toward you.

Epic ships in space flying away from you.

Man with nail gun.

Zombies. One assumes there is a man with a gun nearby.

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