Friday, March 20, 2009

Blunder from Down Under

I've talked about freedom a lot, and how I love the United States because, even though we're retarded, we do not have systemic censorship. I juxtapose the States with other "Western" countries, and how ridiculous they get. Australia is really bad.

They've been on this silly anti-internet crusade for years, now, and a really big card just got uncovered in the ongoing game. Namely, the secret list of internet websites to be blocked by the government has been outed. Yes. Secret. As in, the same secret shit that Bush pulled every single day of his presidency. See! We're retarded, too, but Bush doing it was such a controversy precisely because it was anathema to the country's ideals.

Australia, on the other hand, appears to be run by nothing but wannabe Bushes.

Why Are Australia's Would-Be 'Net Censors So Opposed To Transparency? (

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