Saturday, August 19, 2006

Poor Sci-Fi Writers Just Can't Keep Up.

In my previous post about how I think SETI's search for ET is doomed to failure because I suspect that alien civilizations, because of pure statistics, are either far behind us or far in advance of us. This means it's highly likely they don't use radio.

I only really have historical evidence to support the claim they will use a communication medium different from radio. This story, I think, supports the idea further when we take into account our own stratospheric advancement in technology. We are advancing so fast we can't even predict what's going to be around in a mere fifty years.

The story reminds me of Minority Report. It was well publicized that during the production of the movie they enlisted a number of futurists to capture a realistic feel for a world fifty years off. The movie came out four years ago, so that's now forty six years off. One of the little gadgets in the movie was a telephone that resembled an ultra-compact Bluetooth headset. This is FORTY SIX years in the future, and we already have one.

We can't even predict the world's technology in half of a life time. It's impossible to predict a society five hundred, or five thousand years away.

Micro Bluetooth Earpiece: Smaller Than a Dime, Spytastic, Handmade (Via

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