Sunday, August 20, 2006

Did You Know...?

On the subject of raging American stupidity on evolution and genetics, here are a few of the questions that were on that test. This is only a sample of one section of the entire test.

I actually got one of them wrong, but because I thought too far into it and didn't know what they consider animals. For questions about plants and animals, assume all they mean are flowers and puppies.

Aside from that question, I certainly hope all of you will marvel at the ease of the questions and wonder, really wonder, how anyone can be so ignorant as to get SIX (the median score) of them wrong.

1. Ordinary tomatoes do not have genes, whereas genetically modified tomatoes do.

2. Genetically modified animals are always larger than ordinary animals.

3. Cloning is a form of reproduction in which offspring result from the union of sperm and egg.

For the remaining questions, click the link.

What’s your genetic literacy score? (Via

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