Thursday, February 03, 2011

Islam and the West

I'm watching Islam and the West on the Smithsonian Channel, and they have a number of Muslims trying to defend their faith.

One scholar tries to say that we need to give Islam time. It took the west a long time to achieve its goals, and Islam needs the same courtesy. Everything about this is wrong, at least from the perspective of a believer. First, this is the word of God. By accepting that the society needs time to grow is all but accepting that Allah is make believe. Because IT IS THE IMMUTABLE WORD OF GOD. The word of God now will be the same thing as the word of God in fifty years.

This makes perfect sense from a sociologist's or historian's perspective, but it still doesn't validate the beliefs, nor does it negate our attacks on Islam. Yes, it took the west quite a long while to stop with the whole empire building, mass slaughter, and monarchy nonsense, but WE HAVE. We did it! Hooray for us! It's the twenty-first fucking century and saying that Islam just needs time is no excuse to lampoon it as the culture of a slavering hoard of backward savages.

A Muslim cannot try to defend Islam, because their Islam and the Islam of the fanatics are on equal ground. They are both valid interpretations, and if the word Islam is to have ANY meaning, it must apply to something! Either Muslims are the psychos that crash into buildings with planes, or they aren't. Having millions of people calling themselves Muslims, while all having wildly divergent beliefs is nonsensical.

I want to stress that I'm not defending the west historically. Fair dinkum, the West has actually been much worse than the Islamic countries in regards to past atrocities. What I'm attacking is all that is happening now. Islam now is a tumor and a disappointment to the potential that was their culture 500 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

The show is an insult to Muslim power that commanded the world for centuries. Islam needs to talk frankly about its past and be proud of what it accomplished. Muslim slave trader depopulated the European coast and pulled huge populations from Africa. Slavery in the Americas is minor and small compared to the slave trade in the middle east.