Friday, January 08, 2010

Why I'm Racist/Culturalist Against Islam

I am openly racist/culturalist against Islam/Muslims. While I'm generally religion-ist(?) against anyone who's very religious, Islam is unique in that it is a massive, socio-governmental construction. Islam now is what Christianity was in Europe five-hundred years ago.

Yes, yes, no need to tell me the dangers of over-generalizations. I'm well aware that there are many Muslims who are very modern, embrace women's rights, gay rights, and whatnot. But the Muslim world, is different. The countries can be generalized. They are violent, bigoted, horrible countries with which I would prefer to have no interactions at all.

And, again, yes, I realize that our country and our culture has a less-than-stellar history with the rights of various groups. Gays, women, Hispanics, Blacks, Irish, Ital... you get the idea. But we have not made a habit of stoning women to death for some time. You cannot be killed for infidelity. We're not perfect, but we are so far beyond the Islamic world that it's comical.

Basically, the linked story just drives home that, no matter how much the Islamic world masquerades as though it's westernized, it hasn't. It's a veneer. It's a massive pretense meant to sooth jittery Westerners into investing and just accepting what they do as "cultural differences."

No. I'm sorry. I'm not falling for it. They aren't merely cultural differences. This isn't a different way of saying hello, or dressing, or singing. It is essentially bad. Violence is bad. -Ism's are bad. The Islamic world is bad.

British woman arrested in Dubai after reporting rape (The Guardian)

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