Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strategic Sheep Purposes.

I'm watching a documentary about the Falkland Islands conflict. I barely knew that it had happened, but now know far more than I ever wished.

What the fuck was anyone thinking with this? The documentary tries its best to make it sound serious, but it plays out like a fucking comedy. Oh, oh, and it's not just the leaders, either. It's the populations of both Britain and Argentina.

Why the hell does some random war help with the popularity of both governments? When Argentina invaded, two-hundred THOUSAND people took, cheering, to the streets of Buenos Aires. Whyyy?! "Yeah! Our country sucks, but we kicked the crap out of seven people and a whole ass-load of sheep! Viva la Argentina!"

And Margaret Thatcher's government was unpopular, the economy sucked, but the success of fighting off Argentina for a bunch of barren rocks got her re-elected! WHAAT?! The economy still sucked! All of the previous grievances had not been addressed! But, man, they sure showed those bloody Argentinians.

This is one of the most fucked up things I have ever seen. It was comedy. It was ridiculous, expensive, explosive comedy. It's the people of both countries that leaves speechless. The stupidity... the stupidity. What the fuck is wrong with people when, during hard times, we cheer ourselves up with a freaking war?

907 people killed, 16 ships, including two destroyers, 49 helicopters, 45 fighter jets, 2 bombers, and well over 1,000 soldiers injured. What. The. Fuck.

I bet that if I "invaded" some desolate armpit of an area, whatever country to which it "belongs" would send their entire army up my ass and out my mouth. An even better example of this ungodly absurdity is Kashmir. Why do India and Pakistan fight over it?

FOR NO FUCKING REASON, THAT'S WHY! Humans are insipid, greedy, grabby, possessive little rodents. India and China have more land than they know what to do with, and Pakistan has MUCH bigger issues. Yet there they are, bickering like seagulls over a cigarette butt. But hey, that's fine. Pakistan is barely a country, India is as close to a urinal as a country can get, and China is a dictatorial country and as such logic never applies.

But one of the countries involved with this was Britain. A Western nation. We're not supposed to be as retarded as the third-world. We're retarded, don't get me wrong. Boy, are we retarded. But not in this way. We invaded Iraq, but they have billions of dollars in oil. There's good shit to steal, there. But this is Britain and they were fighting over islands that barely count as land.

God! I'm done. I mean, the fleet included the QE2! What the fuck are they gonna' do? Massage them to death? Kill them with British food? Watch out! That lobster might be bad!


Unknown said...

Let's see. You wrote this 3 years ago, and at this point the U.S. still hasn't taken one drop of oil from Iraq.

Aaron Martin-Colby said...

Yes, but they failed at almost everything they set out to do, so that's not a surprise.