Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I Seem to be Focused on Sex.

I've noticed that I've been writing about sex a lot. I guess living in a time when one of two major political parties has taken it upon itself to be the party of moral righteousness, sex just comes up.

I just finished reading an article in Scientific American that says in a slightly less confrontational way than me, that pedophilia is not only not an illness, but an evolutionary advantage. And not only that, but pedophilia isn't even easily defined.

Adult male attractions to very young females is easy, even if they aren't sexually ready now, they will be soon, so it's a good idea to claim them young. The article brings up an interesting question when it comes to boys and gay men, though.

Gay men have a penchant for very young men. Why would this have evolved? I think it's simply a reversal of psychological drivers. The primary driver of a male is youth, which is good for heterosexuality which comprises the majority of the population. Reverse that for homosexuality, and there's no evolutionary impetus to eliminate the driver for youth.

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