Saturday, May 09, 2009

It's Lonely Up Here

Why does Rhode Island stand alone in gay marriage? The Projo has an article discussing the supposedly manifold reasons.

I think there is only one reason: abject stupidity. We've got a governor who borders on being a Special Ed student and overly zealous local bishop. Idiots, the both of them.

It's going to happen whether they like it or not. It's going to happen because it's not a question of integrity; it's a question of freedom.

House Speaker William J. Murphy "has a standard answer to the gay marriage question. 'A marriage, in my eyes, is between a man and a woman.'"

Well, guess what, a marriage in MY eyes is between loving partners. My eyes and your eyes are exactly the same, which means I win because I take the passive, non-judgmental stance. I take the live-and-let-live stance. I take the stay-the-fuck-out-of-other-people's-lives stance. I take the American stance.

It's about freedom, pure and simple. I take solace knowing that future generations will look back on this time with a bemused sense of superiority. Those who stood for freedom and equality will be remembered, and those who stood against it will be forgotten. History has shown this to be the way.

And in case you don't hate these men, here's a quote from someone like them...

"Satan uses homosexuals as pawns. They're in, as you know, key positions in the media, they're in the White House, they're in everything, they're in Hollywood now. Then, unfortunately, after he uses them, he infects them with AIDS and then they die."
Anthony Falzarano, PFOX, Janet Parshall's America, 2/27/96

The very same dogma underlies this loony as it does our illustrious governor and his supporters. If you asked, they likely wouldn't say something so outright and antagonistic, but the fundamental belief that that statement is true IS accepted by them, whether they admit it or not.

Why Rhode Island stands alone in New England on same-sex marriage (

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