Friday, May 08, 2009

Holy crap.

I just found this great site with a long list of quotes from various, ultra-right wingnuts.

My personal favorites include...

"Gays who practice oral sex verge on consuming raw human blood"
-- Paul Cameron

"Nobody has the right to worship on this planet any other God than Jehovah. And therefore the state does not have the responsibility to defend anybody's pseudo-right to worship an idol."
--Rev. Joseph Morecraft,Chalcedon Presbyterian Church, Marietta, Georgia, quoted in "the Public Eye," June 1994

And Pat Robertson, always good for a laugh,

"The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians."
Pat Robertson, fundraising letter, 1992

Honestly, these people are out of their gourds. While it would be absurd to say that the entirety of the right-wing in this country is as comical as these people, they still cater to these loons. Coulter, Robertson, and a number of others have all appeared, frequently in some cases, on Fox News. People listen to them. That's depressing. Most of these people are in the same boat as Neo-Nazis, the only difference is that people don't listen to Neo-Nazis.

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