Friday, April 29, 2011

List Of "Best" Android Phones

Ok, it's actually a list of the most hacker friendly phones. But I call them the best because we're quickly reaching the point where cell phones are like computers. They're powerful as such. Today's cell phones could easily power the top-end games from ten years ago. This means that Apple-like nonsense of preventing me from doing things won't fly. That's why I call this list the "best" Android phones, because if I buy a computer, it damn well better let me do whatever I want to it.

Some phones aren't terribly hacker-friendly because the engineers designed something that just isn't conducive to hacking. This is annoying but understandable. Companies like Motorola, on the other hand, actively try to prevent you from doing things to their cell phones. Not a simple "Are you suuuuure?" security precaution. No. I mean road blocks. Big ones. Ya' know what Motorola? If you won't let me do what I want with MY PHONE, I'm not going to buy your fucking products. Go screw. Assholes.

As far as the list goes, this only covers Android phones. The iPhone, counter to Apple's usual M-O and their wishes, the iPhone is very hacker friendly. It can easily be jailbroken and enjoy access to alternative markets like Cydia. It's not like it could be any other way. The iPhone is an enormously popular phone, so it's going to have a huge hacker following making sure that buyers can continue to do WHAT THEY WANT with their newly bought phone. This also makes me smile since Apple frequently used to crow about their security compared to Windows, even though most security experts said this was simply because Windows had to face a much larger number of attacks. No, the iPhone is the big fish in the pond and look at how easily their phones crumble under hacker scrutiny. The only way Apple can guarantee security is to control, with an iron fist, the only way into the phone: iTunes and the App Store.

Sweet, sweet irony.

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