Friday, December 03, 2010

New Life

I was dismayed when the third biggest discovery we could have made regarding life was made, and it garnered nary a mention in the major news outlets. There are only two bigger discoveries we could make, three if you include a subset of one of the others: non-carbon life and life on another planet. Sentient life would be the biggest, but I include that in life in general.

This is HUGE. Fucking HUGE, and major news organizations all but ignored this. We should have had Bill Nye doing a special on it, discussions with experts, CGI animations, the whole nine yards. Instead, The Situation takes a shit and 7,000 people Twitter about it.

Thankfully, Gizmodo was one of the first publications to break the news, and their post has over one million views and two thousand comments. Thank God for the geeks. Someone cares.

Nasa Finds New Life (Gizmodo)

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Mosef said...

I totally agree. I was telling the Mrs. this same thing. We know Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab, but the way we've determined if life was sustainable has been forever changed.

And not a damn mention. I found it in a small article through Yahoo News.

It makes me weep for us a bit.