Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Fools Truth.

April fools is an interesting day. I had been thinking about it because of the now infamous Conficker virus and how so many people were convinced it was all a hoax because of April Fools. In fact, I JUST talked to someone who thought it was a joke that no one has owned up to, yet... It's April 13th! She thought this because Conficker was kind of a no-show. Nothing really happened. Although, things are happening, just nothing apocalyptic.

I just find this all interesting because April Fools day is the only day when the entire population actually exercises some sense of incredulity or skepticism. On any other day, whatever people read in the paper, it's true. On April Fools, NOTHING is true. In that sense, on that day, people are the most philosophical they're going to be in the entire year.

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