Thursday, April 10, 2008

This Just Gets Better

Somewhere back there, I wrote a post about Ben Stein going from quirky b-list celebrity to first-rate idiot for producing a movie supporting intelligent design. I'm sorry, but if you believe ID, that goes beyond the boundaries of religion. You're just dumb. And boy, I couldn't have hoped for this movie to be any dumber.

Apparently, they interview a variety of big names in the skeptical, scientific, and biological world in a search for evidence that scientists all know that ID is true, they're just keeping it secret, seemingly because they hate Jews. I'm not kidding! I haven't seen the movie, but the Darwin/Hitler connection is supposedly harped on for some time. Well, the scientists are pretty pissed.

They say that they're words are being twisted, they encountered bizarre interview techniques that seemed more like an interrogation (repeated questions, etc.), and, most importantly, all of the "academics" who were let go or refused advancement suffered not because they believed in ID, but because they were just sucky academics.

So read up! Enjoy the hullaballoo. The brouhaha, if you will. Oh, with a film about academics expelling ideas, they were smart enough to expel PZ Myers from the screening. Smart. Intelligent, even.

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