Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Are You Kidding?

I just read a short article about Mike Huckabee, otherwise known as The Huckster, bristling at questions about his beliefs. I'm sorry, but when there's such ongoing drama on a nationwide level about creationism and evolution, and you raise your hand to declare your disbelief in evolution at a presidential debate, you're either lying or are just plain dumb to think that's not going to end up being the focus of interviewer questions on a greater than infrequent basis.

Also, his assertion that it doesn't matter is insane. Of course it matters. If a person is as dogmatic, irrational, and apparently stupid as to believe in creationism, THEY SHOULD NOT BE LEADING THE FREAKING COUNTRY. I guess it doesn't matter. Huckabee might as well have an image of a flying pig on his campaign pins.

Huckabee bristles at creationism query

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