Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Man, That Ground is Sure Coming Up Fast.

That crashing sound you hear is the dreams of geeks and futurists the world over. Moller International, well known for saying the flying car is only a couple of years away for about twenty years, has announced that is has doubt it can continue its operations after blowing through about $40 million and accruing a boatload of debt. Seeing as they were the only operation of any gravitas actually working on a flying car, it seems that the idea is finally dead.

I've been known to rant about how the flying car is never going to happen. I don't consider this a victory, though. I wanted Moller to actually finish his product and THEN fail. This provides me with no satisfaction. I look forward to the next entrant into this competitive market, so I can sit on the sidelines and make fun of them.

Moller Expresses "Substantial Doubt" About Flying Car Future (Via

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