Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No, Seriously. I Didn't.

And furthermore! The most important aspect of all this is overlooked. We've fallen into this ridiculous position about arguing whether drugs are safe or dangerous or have "legitimate" uses. Using marijuana to get high IS a legitimate use.

The whole planet is somehow missing the point that it's not of if drugs are safe or not. I'm here to tell you right now, they're not. But that's just it. It's my right to ingest anything I damn well please, dangerous or not. That's the way freedom works.

Hell, I'm free to drink paint thinner. Alcoholics do that. There's no laws stopping me. And don't even get me started on the mind-blowing stupidity of arguing that sniffing glue is somehow illegal, and that Wal*Mart won't sell most of its model-making supplies to people under 18. Actually, Wal*Mart is on the forefront of retarded practices meant to satiate idiot parents seem to prefer to have major corporations parent for them. Wally World now requires ID for lithium batteries. Yep. Batteries.

Or something that nearly made me choke on my own spit, when I was asked for ID to prove I was 18 for NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER. If the drinking age is 21, and the beer is non-alcoholic, where the hell did they get 18?!

Now, If Wal*Mart wants to be stupid, that's fine. Free country. Free company. It's an entirely different ball of wax when the government gets involved in the same game with the same idiot people. IT'S MY RIGHT. I can do whatever I please. That is the only argument that needs to be discussed since anything else is beyond that point. The safety, the logic, the drug-war. Everything is rendered moot because regardless of it all, it's my right.

I also want to point out that I have never done any drugs in my entire life. I also think people who do drugs are morons and should be mocked and berated by those intelligent enough to not do drugs. But it is not my right to tell them they can't. It's one of the founding principles of this country, and one that seems sorely forgotten.

I was drunk once as anesthetic during a poorly planned self-performed surgery on an in-grown toenail. Yes. It was as disgusting as it sounds.

I Didn't Inhale.

In the pantheon of drugs, marijuana gets a lot of coverage because of its popularity. In fact, in some anti-drug circles, a drug's danger is directly related to how popular it is. So for them, mary-jane is the work of Satan.

Pro-drug people like to point out how harmless marijuana is. I always knew that was a load of crap. Any substance that alters your neurochemistry can be dangerous, no matter how little it does so. And anyone who has had a friend who's done a LOT of pot knows the full effects of "burn out."

I've also been loathe to talk about how marijuana is still dangerous because the last thing I want to do is give any kind of credence to the drug-hating, alarmist twits that usually make up the anti-drug movement. But I think it's time people started laying some scientific smack down on the drug-loving, hippy twits who make up the pro-drug movement.

Marijuana's New Reality: More Potent, More Risky (Via LiveScience.com)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Devilution... Get It?! It's Like Evolution, but with DEVIL In It!

I don't know if I'm late to this party or not, but if you haven't seen this page, you really need to. I got to it from a Wired.com article about some happy-go-lucky guy who's apparently threatening to kill some professors. Seriously, first having to actually teach college students and now this. Professors aren't paid enough.

Still No Warrant for Evolution Foe and Alleged Purveyor of Death Threats (Via Wired.com)
Evolution is Evil (Via wack-job central)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Evidence Just Piles Up.

Like some criminal case where someone is innocent until proven guilty, Americans seem to continue raving that human activity has nothing to do with global warming. Well, the evidence has swayed the bulk of the planet and it just continues to increase, further highlighting how stupid we, and our mind-boggling stupid President, are.

The Journal Nature recently published a study linking human behavior to rainfall. It's worth a look to anyone interested in the future, survival of the human race, and good, old Mother Earth.

Rainfall changes linked to human activity (Via Nature.com)